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Stabilization & Underpinning

When new construction is taking place directly adjacent to an existing structure, generally an underpinning system is necessary. Goettle has the ability to design and construct an underpinning system that will keep those existing structures safe, sound, and secure. Through traditional and shotcrete underpinning, we are able to temporarily support existing structures. Using traditional underpinning, soil is excavated from underneath the footers and replaced with concrete. If necessary, anchors are installed to resist lateral movement.
Our shotcrete underpinning system supports the existing structures but in a less obstructive manner. Soil is excavated only from the edge the footer down to the required depth and shotcrete is sprayed onto the cut to secure the soil in place. Anchors are then installed to secure the soil mass and support the structure.

Stabilization & Underpinning Projects